Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Cover Design is Out!

I am in the throes of finishing up the book and trying to get a whole new Web presence created in preparation for the launch of The Missional Mom, in January 2011! Here is the wonderful cover that the folks at Moody came up with. I love that it is so bright and it is:

Stay tuned, more information about the book will emerge in the near future. For now, back to writing it! It has been such a huge blessing to be involved in this project and to be personally challenged by the amazing example of so many missional moms I have gotten to know. I can't wait to share more of those stories with I better get back to work! Blessings to you and be missional wherever you may be right now!


  1. I am really excited about this. Cant wait to read more. Grace and Peace to you!

  2. I'm excited to find out about your book, Helen. My family is part of a network of house churches and we're trying to figure out the missional aspect of that, esp being missional with our children.

    I've always had a heart for ministry, and in the past few years that energy has turned toward spiritual formation for children (my own and the others who are part of our house church). I'm always glad to run across other moms with a similar understanding of church and discipleship. Looking forward to learning from you.